Flavours, aromas, regional tastes and traditions, the talent and passion of men, the emotions provoked by wholesome products. Where can you find all these elements rolled into one? In the dishes of the local cuisine; they bear witness to the local know-how that has become part of the land itself; inspiring gastronomic traditions in neighbouring and far-flung lands, rewarding creativity and creating a common thread through which the land has built its identity.

To recover the culinary tradition in its original interpretation, encouraging local chefs’ creativity, promoting the restaurants of Trentino that are committed to proposing and communicating local products – starting from the most important ones, such as TRENTODOC, wines, mountain dairy cheese, fruit, fish, olive oil, honey etc. – to give visibility to those that believe in their homeland and in its resources and that make this a daily commitment in what they serve; these are the aims of the kitchen that Palazzo Roccabruna set up in the old stables of the building. The venue is perfectly adapted for both cooking and teaching purposes. In fact, the open-plan kitchen encourages the interaction between the chefs and the consumers, weaving a dialogue between the players in this culinary ritual; a dialogue that is centred on the products, their history, tradition and creativity.
In Palazzo Roccabruna’s kitchen everything speaks of Trentino: the kitchen’s fittings were produced by local artisans in adherence to the Chamber of Commerce’s production guidelines developed to support and develop traditional crafts. The marble furnishings, the copper kitchen utensils, the tablecloths are all the ingenious handiwork of local artisans that use local raw materials or work them respecting traditional methods.


An experience in Palazzo Roccabruna’s kitchen during one of the training courses organised by the Accademia d’Impresa (Business Academy), a special branch of Trento’s Chamber of Commerce devoted to the tourism and business sector, or during one of the “A tavola con la cucina trentina” events in which restaurants from around the province are hosted in turns (Saturday from 19.00 to 22.00 and Sunday from 12.00 to 15.00) will immerse you totally in the flavours and skills of Trentino.
The “A tavola con la cucina trentina” events involve the presence of chefs from Trentino engaged in serving typical regional menus and are scheduled during weekends (Saturday from 19.00 to 22.00 and Sunday from 12.00 to 15.00). These are inspired by the food and wine events in Palazzo Roccabruna’s annual calendar.